A side project, 100 most beautiful Selfie


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_DSC4119-EditThis post will always be updated with the collection my project, entitled “100 most beautiful selfie”.
These selfie are done using an angle similar to selfie, except i will be using a monster 36mp A7R with 18mm F4 Zeiss.
The update will ceased the moment it reaches 100 selfies. Whether its a chanced encounter, a friend, a family or just strangers, if a suitable person happens to cross my path, i would offer to take a shot of the selfie for this project.




The beautiful 18mm f4 Zeiss for portraits

This is a tricky lens to use for portrait. The challenge lies in the peak focusing recognition because at this width almost everything seems to be in focus with a slight twist. However it is a beautiful lens indeed. AT 18mm, Zeiss gives very interesting colors and mood to the images. I haven’t have a proper session to do a full model shoot yet, so most images here are just casual images. (updated, check out how its used on portraiture here)
Wide angles such as 21, 18 and even 15, gives the subject a very slim profile, something which almost any ladies would appreciate. Like one of my master says “any lens can be used for portraiture”, its just a matter of recognizing its advantages and using it. One thing though, do not use the hood on the FF Nex. The hood causes an unwanted vignette.

Here are some images taken with it, at 18mm F4. Those “selfie” images are taken from my project of 100 beautiful selfies.





In fact using wide angle for 2-3 meter of portrait photography is something that should be explored more especially for outdoor photography.

Here are 2 more examples, unedited straight from camera. Using wide angle gives a flattering view of the subject, if used at the right angle and distance, even the skin looks better!



You can get this lens here: 18mm f4 Zeiss M mount B&H photo

I personally use Fotodiox M to Nex. Its a very solid piece of adapter and the release tab is so much better than those typical china made that i’ve seen. You can get that here from B&H too

* check out more services and my photos at cocoa-dream

Amazing combo : see for urself, 35 mm f2.0 ZM on a EP5

Few days ago i combined the m43 EP5 with a manual lens 35mm f2.0 ZM Zeiss. I was totally blown by the results.
Here are the OOC Jpeg of the combo result. All the images below are unedited.

First off, the lens is easy to focus, even without the peak focusing, but i was doing it on the VF4. The VF4 puts the Xvario’s VF2 to the cavemen days.


The lens has beautiful character.


And it comes with free “glow”. I notice the skin has free glow without editing, these naturally occurring glow didn’t exist when i used the same lens on the M9.


It has ZERO flare even when shooting straight at the sun, with or without a B+W filter.


Sure, its 70 mm and F4 equivalent on the FF. i been shooting over 300 images and the batteries are still full? All the time i just used the VF4 with the manual focusing. Perhaps electronic lens uses up bulk of the power.

wow. just wow. Totally happy with this combo.

Here are 3 more reasons :
1. the olympus 5 axis stability works on any manual lens, be it legacy or not. I been shooting ISO 200 (base) the whole time. Its crazy.

2. The setup is very small, even with the adapter, M mount lens are small and beautiful.

3. WYSIWYG. You don’t need to be be chimping all the time, what u saw on the VF and what u get, is the same. Set your dials to “M”anual, and just roll the shutter dial speed until u see an image that u like.




Amazing combo, I am stunned

I was just playing with the idea of using a Leica M to m43 on my EP5. The xvario have been doing lots of shooting lately and I decided to awaken the lonely EP5 with a surprise and give the xvario a break.

I got myself a shogun L/M to m43 and I slap on it the 35 mm Zeiss f2.0 that I kept in the dry box .

I was surprised at how easy it was to focus using the vf4 and the micro contrast totally blew me off .

Watch this blog as I use this new setup on my next project