Portraits should never be boring

The one thing i find consistently present in wedding photography is “boringness”. While the occasion itself is of tremendous importance and significance to the couples, the shots are the same.

We have the same white gown, some exotic background the the guy trying hard to smile and pose. We have them looking at each other and doing exactly the same pose repeated over 100 years ago.

And guess what, photographs are actually one of the single most important artifact that could enact a wedding’s memories and resurrect that love that couples had in that occasion…..but alas…the photos are totally posed, unrealistic and often promotes nothing except conformity.

I would feel, that the most important part of wedding photography should be about “fun” . That is, the process and theme should be so fun, the couples would embed those feelings into the pictures that are taken even if the images are totally out of this world, for e.g a Star Trek theme or Saving private ryan or even “dong fong bu bai”!.

So when they looked back at those pictures, the fun and happiness of that process will instantly pops up. Now, that is priceless.

Here is a totally dumb pose photo i took in korea of Phoenix (wife) but it was such fun taking it, we laugh when we looked at it, despite it saying nothing much.