If portraiture bores you, try doing it at night {portraiture | CCD}

Just wanted to quickly share two images i just took tonight.

If you feel that portraiture are beginning to bore you and you have been doing way too many portraits, try doing it at night.

Its a totally different level and playing field at night and the resulting images often brings a long lost smile to that photography kid hiding inside.

All images below are taken with Nikon CCD sensor camera at F1.4.  As to which camera it is, you will have to dig around my blogs to find out, i have been very vocal about how underrated this camera is, i bought three of them just so i have some assurance of its continuity.


malaysia top portrait photographer

malaysia top portrait photographer


The model is Amanda CME, also known as Mak3upQueen, you can find her on facebook and if you happened to be in Malaysia, do engage her makeup services for your model photoshooting.




Ramona, Putrajaya Malaysia night photography

DSC_6895-Edit DSC_6909-Edit-Edit DSC_6912-Edit DSC_6920-Edit-Edit DSC_6927-Edit-2 DSC_6935-Edit DSC_6952-Edit-Edit DSC_6960-Edit-2 DSC_6963-Edit-Edit DSC_6965-Edit DSC_6972-Edit-Edit DSC_6975-Edit DSC_6986-Edit-Edit DSC_6992-Edit DSC_7003-Edit-Edit DSC_7021-Edit

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