fujifilm GA645 review thru portraiture {review}

I was visiting a film lab in Publika KL last week and the owner offered to loan me a Fuji GA645 for my portrait works. I took the camera and did some googling. After reading a few reviews i was totally disappointed. Most reviews talk so much about the authors’ feeling on the camera but failed to show any interesting portraits or even images.

Here are some example of sites : filmshootercollective.com, dantestella.com , while they do contain some useful info about the camera and some nice photos of the camera itself, i came out feeling empty and hungry.  Maybe its because i am into portraiture and the lack of such examples just doesn’t show the camera any justice.

Without any materials to draw inspiration from, i took the camera, a roll of kodak Porta400 220 and went shooting with Irene near bangsar at Plant Cartridge.

There is this idea that have been in the air for sometime about what kind of imagery can we create that would hit the mass appeal for “the perfect girlfriend impression”, to the asians. Reading up on some articles and some sharing of ideas with makeup artists like Megan, the suggestion is that guys prefer girls that are just simple, wears basic clothing that are comfortable, long hair (what?), slim and with a pleasant personality. Sexy elements such as showing strong curves and cleavages didn’t make it to the list. #pfibyM

Enjoy the images and do leave me a comment or two. All the images are shot wide open at 60mm f4, Aperture priority mode.

fuij ga645 portratis

beauty and flowers


ga645 beautiful portraits


fujiga645 medium format film

its summer

fuji GA645 full body portraiture

floral balcony

fujifilm ga645 outdoor solo portraiture review


fujifilm 645 medium format GA645 portraiture


fujifilm camera review medium format 645


fujifilm medium format camera gear view ga645 portraits

yellow bokeh

the monsters {portraiture|lca120}


6×6 medium format from the lca120.

what’s your feeling looking at this image?


An example of the risks u take when shooting film, I think I winded the leading film too little on the lca120.

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