The others {portraiture | film}

medium format in your face
medium format in your face

Here are some photos, mostly taken with lc-a using just distance focusing. Shooting without focusing is pretty much like a habit once you been thru 2-3 rolls on the lomo lc-a. I must say the images are rather…unconventional. Enjoy.

waiting (m7)


laugh and this ends up published
laugh and this ends up published (lc-a)


a delicacy made of glutinous rice
a delicacy made of glutinous rice

This is a delicacy you should try if you come to Penang. Unfortunately i distance my focus to be at the person rather than those delicious candies. Its basically glutinous rice cakes that are wrapped with peanuts and sugar. Yummy.


hahaha my failed multi exposure
hahaha my failed multi exposure

I was attempting to a picture of both of them facing each other. Multi-exposure is fun but takes some experimenting to get it right.


1.5 meter and shoot
1.5 meter and shoot (lc-a 35mm)

Setting the intuition free {LC-A | Photography}

yashica camera as a prop

Two rolls. So i took the infamous LC-A and i shot two rolls. All these images are as is, without editing and straight from the labs. I didn’t want to be associated with some funny 10 rules of the lomography, i took these shots based on the simple fact that you can’t focus, so to speak. By just anticipating the distance and with your eyes as the only other reason to “click”, it opens up a whole new way of shooting.

crack a joke

I could of course do that on my leica M7. But the situation is just the same with Digital, one argues that on digital you can stop yourself from chimping and preview and focus on the moment, or take less shot. Never happened. Using the M7, i will use the rangefinder focus because its there.  But The LC-A has nothing to focus on, just 4 ridiculous stick levels.

Its instant in shooting. Since no focusing is needed, i realized i could get really candid shots of my daughter, something which has been a hard to do thing. Parents worldwide will attest to this, some even buys the latest and greatest focus tracking digital and yet misses the shot. Ironically, something as ancient and raw as setting a zone on the camera solves everything.


This picture of korean tourists enjoying ice-cream and embraced with beautiful blue colored objects is shot from the hip. I do recall one of lomography rules is to shoot from the hip . I did it not because it was a more creative approach but because its totally less confrontational in shooting street. Love it.

the mini

Now looking at these images i wondered, where are the infamous vignettes wishy washy lens magic that the LC-A is famous for. Thank goodness the images are not vignetting like those i saw on the net, for one, i don’t want to cross process my films, these are all shot on Fuji Superia 200 🙂 . The colors are strong even on superia and i have to admit, i love it.


The exposure on the LC-A is anyone’s guess when it comes to selecting the right exposure. In my images so far, most are pleasing and some with heavy backlighting are the ones with trouble. If you have never felt anxious about your shots, the LC-A will make you.

Double exposure

This picture was taken using the multi-exposure switch, i forgot what was it that i tried to take as the first layer but here it just ended up adding some interesting blob of light.  A failed attempt but likable.


Took this shot indoor in the mall. Was expecting it to fail but since i have time to position it  over my face, that must have added stability. I am surprised at the exposure taken here, its just spot on.


Final image, another shot from the hip during my street walk. There is a distinct 3D feel to this despite the camera max aperture of f2.8 which we have no control over. You can see some of the subtle vignetting and the colors are just beautiful, this is after all taken on a cheap Superia 200.

I must say, that i am proud that a company like Lomography are selling the LC-A, LC-W and LC-A 120, these cameras are a blast to use. In fact i love these test shots so much that i am going to place an order for the LC-A 120. Oh yea, medium format on a dumb camera.