Images speaks. They represent a universal language that goes beyond limitations. I find that i am only interested in pictures related to people. Thru pictures i find that i could feel emotions captured in them and it seems that as long as the image exist, such emotions could be shared.

Often i pursue the project without using flash nor reflectors, i wanted to show the girl, the model as real as she is in natural light be it bad lighting or imperfect. Applying PP only to nail in the feeling that i wanted for the photos.

I find people are beautiful and even more so when the combination of people and this world is matched and presented in a certain composition. I have no idea what to call these type of photos, emo, reflective, dreamy, thats just how the photos are, hard to describe but easy to feel. I find them appealing.

Instagram: marcus_low

Are you looking for an exquisite, premium photoshoot outdoor album to document your glorious beauty at this age? All commissioned works starts from USD 1680.

I can be reached at : http://www.facebook.com/marcuslowphoto, marcuslowphoto@yahoo.com

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  1. Hey Marcus, if you ever need some crispy nude classic images(for free), for a review of Leica Noctilux Apo Summicron on Monochrom CCD or M10 or M9 just write me an email. Micro Contrasts Heaven awaits you!


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