Penang beach {portraiture}

penang best portrait photographer

One of the unexpected nice location for photoshoot in Penang is this small opening at Babylon restaurant .

I have always strived for taking portraits that are natural with an element of candid feel to it. With the wind on my side and a close and happy model at the scene, the right recipe for a beautiful album that presents itself.

penang outdoor best portraits 35mm
True smiles, a rarity among portraits

Eilein Pang have collaborated with me for over a year now for her albums and her popularity and freelance jobs have grown too. Often we would chat about some local issues that are faced by the freelancers and the individuals that we could draw inspirations from.

She has never doubted my  constant preference to try new ideas on different mediums and gears. When I pursued film for the skin tones and organic feel she was pretty patient with the waiting period that her generation have never experienced before.

35mm penang best outdoor photography
penang best 35mm portraits marcus

I will be visiting this place again if I visit Penang. Curious as to how the light would be at sunrise.  I hope you enjoyed these short series of images.

3 thoughts on “Penang beach {portraiture}

  1. Do you develop your own film or do you get it processed? I’m staying in Penang and just can’t seem to find anyone to develop it anywhere at all. Is the best option to take it to somewhere like KL or does anyone know of someone who can develop it here?


    1. I send them to the labs. Here is what one of the labs posted :


      As another new initiative to support our mission, we now have an agent in Penang Island.

      You can drop your film rolls at Chai Diam Ma @ Hin Bus Depot who will then pos laju to us (for now once a week) to process. This way you can save the pos laju fees as we will be absorbing the postage.

      At Chai Diam Ma, you just fill up our standard Fujifilm Malaysia’s official photo lab envelopes and then tear off the receipt for your reference.

      We will finalise the developing process with you (via WhatsApp) once your envelop arrives.

      Your negatives will be pos laju back to Chai Diam Ma for later self pick up.

      You can also pick up emergency film rolls at Chai Diam Ma and for now they are testing the market with limited quantity of each type of the 50+ films choices.

      Chai Diam Ma is a local name for Kedai Runcit or Sundry Shop.


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