Dubrovnik, Croatia {travel with film} Part 5


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All images here are taken on superia 200 film, Leica M7, 35mm zeiss zm f2.0. The aperture i use is f2.0, i always shoot wide open no matter which lens i have.

You have to option to take the tour around the walled city by buying the tickets inside the old city itself. This would be at the left of the entrance where you came in.  You will walked up a flight of stone made stairs and you begin to see the beautiful houses around the city.

dubrovnik travel with film leica
dubrovnik travel film photography leica
orange tiles

The roofs of the houses are mostly orange in colors and that is what make them beautiful, almost like a theme. On the lower right here u see some broken site, i am not sure if they are going to rebuild it or leave it to add that old feel to the whole view.

dubrovnik on film leica photography portraits
the lands
beautiful dubrovnik on film zeiss 35mm

I found myself looking at these same images and wonder if i should have brought digital and applied VSCO to get the same tones and feel. But on hindsight i should have just brought more films with me, buying film from the shops here cost around kroner 70, which is around USD 10 per roll. Back here in Malaysia these rolls only cost USD 3 each. Ouch.

travel with film photography leica zeiss dubrovnik
feed a cat

Around midway of the tour, you can exit the tour and feline lovers would love this spot. There are a lot of cats there that roam the city and well fed. You will find a box here that you can donate for their wellbeing.

film street photography dubrovnik leica 35mm

They are building something near the end of the tour so its not so i took the opportunity just to snap a shot here on this guy working on the site.

On the next chapter i would be sharing images taken at the harbour of the old city and the tranquil Lokrumar island, shot gorgeously on film!!

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