warning on Nexus 6p problems


There is a big problem on nexus 6p and the cause of it is not what you would have guessed.

When i took off the covers today i notice there are many small scratches and micro dents at the top of the phone, but the phone has been protected by the “free” huawei plastic cover since day one. So what causes the scratches and micro dents?

The culprit is the cover itself! If you take the cover off you can feel that the top part of the inside covers are full of micro deformities and those are the things that scratches the phone and causes those chip off dents.

This is particularly SHAMEFUL on huawei for providing such a cheapskate cover that has never been tested with the phone and Google for not detecting this.

So if you are an owner of the Nexus 6p, dump that cover asap and get something else to protect your phone.


your thoughts?

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