The lost district {street photography}

remnants of the film labs

Took a walk at Pekan Ampang. This district is one of the vintage places left near KL with a rich history of migrants chinese during the british rule and whom became part of Malaysia citizens. There are a lot of dark history here especially during the May 1969 racial riots sparked by some losers.

Pekan Ampang is found at the far end of the straight road from the more glamorous Jln Ampang where various embassies chooses to build their site. The other end of jln Ampang is the iconic KLCC or the twin towers of Petronas.

morning market

This is one of the rare morning market where you see a lot of ethnic chinese peddling wares, snacks and  food stalls. Most of KL morning market has been taken over by immigrants from myanmar, burma and pakistan, where you rarely middle class families around. It is a strange sight in KL when you see it being flooded by just immigrants, most of which came for a better life. Rumors abound about how the current reigning political party here purposely allows masses of immigrants of which would be granted citizenship for voting.

fishes for usd 5 for 4

If you are looking to have an excellent meal without paying exorbitant fees, the morning market is your best bet for buying fresh fishes, meat, poultry and spices. What you would pay for fine dining in KL for one person could easily feed 4 here.

robocop, nah, just some uncle on a bike

This morning market is the central business activity for residences around Pekan Ampang. Life goes on from one generation after another. However i think this would be the last generation, a quick tour around the market and its evident that only the remaining old people are standing by their stalls.

vintage shops and variety of businesses from 1960s

There have been talk to renovate or demolish these stores in return for building newer shops and matching themes. Most of these shops belongs to the chinese, who couldn’t care much about maintaining the identity and would easily give in to buy over proposals from powerful conglomerates and developers. Why is this so? Years of being treated as 2nd class citizens just eats you up. There is hope that the new election will see a different party winning vs a current disillusioned one, which has been in power for over 50 years.

your thoughts?

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