what if {portraiture|simulation}


what if this is taken on fuji velvia. Color positive films labs are notoriously hard to find nowadays.

Color slides film produces lovely vivid colours.

It’s a big what if for me because one of the lab here in Malaysia have just announced the availability of such processing.

This image is taken on pana fz1000 processed with vsco velvia 100. Just sharing a simulation here to tease our mind.

3 thoughts on “what if {portraiture|simulation}

  1. Marcus, now you got me confused. I have just taken delivery of a Pana FZ1000 how on earth can you process a digital image with vsco velvia 100? Is it something you have to get to add in post production like PS or Lightroom? It looks fantastic BTW. This monster Pana is a great camera, for a bridge camera the results are stunning.


  2. Hi there, may I know which film lab is it that’s processing Slides?

    Last I check only E6 in pudu does it!! I can take my velvia out of my fridge now!!


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