kim {film | portraiture | LC-A 120 | Leica M7}

medium-format-000003 copy
lc-a 120

I had a fantastic weekend unwinding by doing a set of portraiture using the LC-A 120 medium format film camera and my trusty Leica M7.

One of the challenge that i faced is that LC-A and the bigger LC-A 120 have exposure control. This means that if you shoot backlighting photos, you will just end up with silhouette images. But as you can see in the images here, i managed to come up with a technique to fool the camera without using any filters or add ons.

Lomo cameras should be used with a lot of common sense and thoughts to get good images. If there is one thing you should forget, is to forget the 10 rules of lomography. There is no shortcut for good images and visualization.

lc-a 120

All these photos are shot on a Fuji 400H pro for both the LC-A 120 and the Leica M7.  You can easily differentiates the pictures of the LC-A 120 by its square format and the Leica being rectangle. These are taken at the beach and hotel called “LonePine” in Penang, an island on the northern state of Malaysia.


medium-format-000006 copy
lc-a 120

Miss Kim here is a top 10 Miss Malaysia in 2013. Though it has been years since she got involved in any beauty contest, you can see that she doesn’t require much effort to be photogenic. On the LC-A 120 camera, i took these images by standing just 1 meter apart. In lomography sites, you often see that almost all the images shown are taken on a centre subject and with light facing it else its dark, my examples here are unique because for once you get to see images taken using the LC-A 120 backlighting and yet decently exposed on the subject. 


medium-format-000009 copy
lc-a 120

The technique is very simple. PM me if you want to find out 😛

F1060025 copy
leica m7, 35mm biogon

Now i did a complete album using the M7 and fuji 400h pro film. It’s an emotional theme that portrays the relationship between a girl, a vintage camera at a lonely room. Do enjoy the images here, the complete set could be found at my facebook, fb:marcuslowphoto.

F1060027 copy
leica m7, 35mm biogon
F1060032 copy
leica m7, 35mm biogon
F1060029 copy
leica m7, 35mm biogon

Next, i be sharing some of the  candid photos i took on the LC-A 120 as well as street photos. Till then, adios.


8 thoughts on “kim {film | portraiture | LC-A 120 | Leica M7}

  1. I am blown away by the quality of the LC-A cameras. I didn’t realise one could get such high def from LC-A’s.


    1. you will need to stick to iso400 films though. there is also an LCA wide on 135 film and looking at the samples on the internet it could be a better buy than this lca120


      1. I think you’re right. There’s a genuine Russian LOMO on eBay (buy it now) for £119 so I may go after that before I dive right into film again. I prefer 35mm and have also used medium format cameras in the 60’s and 70’s when I did weddings.


      2. despite what some pll wrote, I actually found the LCA+ better than the Russian lomo. the buttons r much easier to press and image quality is sharp. I found this code prev that works on the tomography cart : SHOPALOT20 that gave me 20% off the lca120. I did get one lca Russia but the shutter button requires a lot more push than the LCA+.

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      3. I thought the LCA+ is Russian, although there are also some Chinese models around which are not as good. I have just seen a red Limited Edition Lomography boxed for £189 RRP £300 It’s a bit more expensive than the regular one.


  2. looks like an interesting find! lc-a+ r actually all china and it’s not a bad thing the lens are more predictable and sharp and newer bodies, it has an easy multiexposure button. i m not using these cameras like a lomographer use (random etc) so the modern build of the lens is a plus.


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