Red + White models in Malaysia {portraiture | Leica}


Models instagram : x.x.angela, eil3in

The 40mm 1.4 voigthlander is one of those lens that i sold and bought over again. Its not too normal as what 35 would render and its not as boring as 50 mm which everyone have in their arsenal. I allows just that extra bit of space to make the difference.

Here are some images of Pang yi ling (facebook) and Angela Lieche (facebook), both friends and freelance models in Malaysia that i recently collaborated with for a series of “Cheongsam”. Cheongsam is the chinese pronounciation for the traditional costume that chinese wore for festive seasons like Chinese New Year.

One of the mistakes that new photogs often make is placing a red costume on red background, usually the temples are chosen as the background for such shoot. In my series, i put Red (eilein) on an outdoor background with blue rails and some random spots, for White (angela) since she is wearing red, the temple at Petaling Street was chosen.

Do enjoy the images below and drop me some comments of your thoughts. Cheers.
* All images shot on Leica ME, Voigthlander 40mm 1.4, edited in LR, PS, VSCO filters.








Nexus 6p, Marcus says {review by images}


You know what? I just had it with these reviews on phone cameras that contains plain-examples of images and fill-in-the-template review. Don’t we all have enough already? If i want to see the quality of images, for goodness sake, take some photos that MAKES SENSE and stop talking about low light application on a puny sensor.

With that out of the way, here, i decided to present my own review on Nexus 6p, the current latest and greatest another android gadget from Google. I am not even going to talk about the front “selfie” camera cause i am only going to use the back camera which EVERYONE knows is al ways the better camera.

All these images presented here are taken hand held at various lighting condition and yes, some fashion portraits using available light, sceneries without hdr and macros (i don’t use the HDR mode, because it just distract you away from the main camera performance and into gimmicky processing).

So feel free to click on the images here and view them 100% cause i am not presenting any 100% crop here on some silly zoom in details, just see what you want and make your decision. Images here are unedited.

Jump to the end for my summary.

IMG_20151216_073952 IMG_20151216_095707 IMG_20151217_175812

IMG_20151217_182906 IMG_20151218_082209











amature shadow
backlighting, no corrections




look at those rubbish…and notice the flare


The 12+ mp camera is a killer…for mobile phone camera. The software driving it however, the google camera, sucks. It tries too hard to match Iphone’s ease of use but it fails. Examples are:

  • the lack of slider to do exposure compensation and you end up focusing all over the place just to get the right exposure.
  • shooting speed is slower than Iphone 5s (my device is the 128gb Nexus 6p)
  • burst mode is very interesting but has a mind of its own in deciding between collages or animation
  • focusing on close objects often fails when more contrasty background exist, they should have used laser or infra-red focusing or whatever. This is not evident when viewing on the phone, but you can see the blur shot focusing behind when you open in your notebook.
  • can’t follow target / focus lock like the Sony Z5
  • interesting flare when shooting againt the light
  • weak dynamic range, highlight blows out easily (same for all mobile phones except nokia 808, Panasonic CM1, basically much larger sensors phone cameras)

What happened to low light performance? So far nothing beats the Asus Zenphone 2 ‘low light mode’ but if you had to ask, its the same shit and what is expected from a puny sensor. If this is important, go get a proper large sensor camera, else, deal with it.

What happened to listing out the specs? There are like 4127318744 other sites that can give you the specs, now go away 😉

Do take note that i bought the device myself and hence i am under no obligation to say anything nice nor do i have any interest at all to demean my own purchases.

Rachel with gladiators {portraiture}


I spent sometime reflecting upgrading my mental faculty to add poses to my workflow. Yup, poses. I think its working, i can now easily pose any outdoor model in decent poses regardless of the props available. Its not that hard once you have spent 30 minutes a day studying poses after your long day of work in a completely different field (app developement in startup). In this set of portraiture, i used a Voigthlander 40 1.4 that costs less than USD 500 with the Leica ME (ccd sensor).


Sexy. I find myself often struggling with this theme. The asian traditional values of grace, beautiful poses and my inherent preference of not doing anything on nude/lingerie which downgrade any beautiful model into soft porn is often at odds against each other when i study western art. Truth be told, i find recent works of China’s chinese photographers posing nude ladies outdoor tasteless, gimmicky and downright a hit at women’s honor.
On the other hand, as a women, sexy and curves are advantages of her body design, it should be highlighted in poses if its done correctly, with decent clothing that invokes that primitive visual response of viewers at a basic level.


A prop is essentially any item, object that the model can use to add interest to the visual image. In this picture, highlighting Rachel’s gladiator using the rear passenger seat and door adds interest to an otherwise weak image.


Simple poses with good natural lighting can never go wrong.
Thanks for viewing my latest portrait session, i have a lot more beautiful photographs from this session and will be sharing them on my next blog.
I know i been churning out a lot of crap reasons and morality lectures that nobody wants to hear, but hey…its how i feel in all honesty.


* featured image, taken using F2.0 at 1/3000, 40mm 1.4 voigthlander, Leica ME.