Glance story, excerpt taken from emotional twits found in internet {portraiture | storytelling}

In the end, we stand gazing at the future. How much decision have we made to come to this.
will you leave and just walked away? Will you not return and say “hi?”
Is the journey so beautiful that you can leave those who really do care for you behind, you drop them like a rock, and into the ocean the hearts sank.
All i ever thought of for you is about your happiness and smile. All you ever thought of is yourself and nobody else, maybe just your mum. I can’t be with you because its simple bad for your future, not because i don’t want to. Did i ever asked for anything more than friendship.
I am sorry because i love you.
May you win this contest and go much further away, away from me. Like a dream, you don’t ever have to acknowledge me. You are a queen now and i am but a shadow of your past.
Can we start all over again, with “hi and byes” where our messages are light and our emoticons smiles forever.

* twits taken harvested from twitter postings across June-October 2015.
* all photos taken on a nikon d610 on a 50 1.4d. Processed for Agfa vista 400.
* wondered how the whole set would have been if they were shot on film.

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