Five night at tokyo {street photography | noctilux}

smoking corner

I am still in tokyo, my third day. One Film camera, One lens, the noctilux 50 f1. These photos are from my 2nd day, developed and scanned by Big Camera at Ginza, for around 1000 yen for both process. All the photos are shot at aperture F1-f2.8. I never shoot anything with deep dof, noctilux’s vignette seems to diminish a lot on film.


These photos are unedited, i am using Superia Premium Iso 400, i shot this photo using the hip. These teens are lighted only by the shops on the left and the street light. I took this at f2.

electric town

The black tones on this image is just, perfect. taken at F2.0


This shot was taken on my way out of the Fish market near Ginza where i took the first photo shared on top.

do it

Please visit the rest of the photos here at flickr.

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