Why the Ricoh GR is still one of the best backup camera {portraiture}

using available light, natural tones
using available light, natural tones

The GR is a kick ass camera for streets, everyone knows this. How does it fare as a portraiture camera?

available light, natural tones
available light, natural tones

Between the Leica + Noctilux and the GR, i often find that they both complement each other perfectly. The GR takes very sharp images but the tones are really beautiful when doing simple LR (lightroom, an app from adobe) adjustments. The Leica on the other end, does very reactive ccd tones. The preset i made for Nicole’s shoot (see my previous blog) doesn’t work at all on the GR, but simple LR on GR does all the magic, particularly saturation++.


Here are some images that i applied the VSCO film presets in LR.



The GR has been a very flexible and indispensable backup camera that i bring along everywhere when bringing a leica is cumbersome or risky.

Nicole Chooi, An asia portraiture on noct f1, Part I {Portraiture}


I just came out of the hospital on friday, my daughter was hospitalized since monday due to a pain on her stomach. Spending 5 days in hospital gives you plenty of time to think about life and purpose while having of remoting without anyone interrupting. Thank God she is now discharged though doctor have not figured out the actual cause of it.
Nicole showed me a new cafe here that she stumbles upon near Dang Wangi (kuala lumpur), we decided to try out some shots there.
I decided to just use noctilux f1. Speaking of which a friend of mine just got his stolen : 50mm f1 E60 : serial number 3738438
Ok, enjoy the images, do leave me a comment. If you are an aspiring model and your visiting malaysia, send me a msg, lets collaborate.