Natural vs Fashion poses, Jaclyn Lee {Portraiture}


Jacklyn Lee wants to do a shoot and while i am personally studying bokehless photography, i feel it won’t do her justice to shoot and learn because she comes all the way from the States. So the leica and noctilux 1.0 comes to the rescue. She is more accustomed to fashion poses but i decided that the theme would have to be natural like and not fashion poses. Natural poses blends beautifully with background such as this garden, it grants the viewers a feeling of peace, reflective and happiness.


Do enjoy the photos and if i made your day better in anyway, please do leave a comment, it means very much to me to know that i have somehow touched someone with my art. Enjoy.L1004772 L1004773 L1004782 L1004790 L1004800 L1004804 L1004807 L1004811 L1004814 L1004818

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