18mm, the hidden portrait lens { Portraiture | Candid}

the smiling servant


100% zone focusing. That is how i shoot each of these images. I didn’t even look at the view finder and all done by shooting at the hip level or lower. This is how a guy photographer who was given the “privilege” to carry the model’s bag looks like -> Happy. I can’t blame him, personally when i am allowed to carry the model’s bag, a sense of trust and responsibility can be felt, though at a bare minimum level.

K-pop cover album : photog ….yeah dream on


This is possible because 18mm is a crazy godlike lens. This is the Zeiss 18 f4 lens and with that wide field of angle and even at F4, zone focusing by estimating the distance is a breeze. Turn around, camera at hip, distance 1.2 meter, zap!

the tourist


All shots are done at either 1-1.2 meter or 5 meter. When i uploaded these files into my mac mini server, i was really surprised at the results. For a long time, i wanted to take really candid and natural feel of the scene and people that i see. Models or not, i wanted non-posed shots. I love this shot, in street photography you would want the model to be isolated and without distraction, in street photography u want all the elements, including people walking around. Here is a shot with both!

35mm too wide?

Stephan the photographer here is seen moving closer to the model because he is using 35 mm lens. Little did he know, i aint complaining on my 18, he is part of the story. hahaha.


real laughter, finally caught by the 18mm


all attention



The drama you get from the 18mm is just marcuslicious. I can just imagine this being used in the beautiful morning at Mordor…wait..that don’t exist does it? I mean New Zealand..or Norway. whatever. Seriously, try shooting really early in the morning and you get really beautiful results since everything in the frame is lighted divinely.



Suet Li, the model you see here, didnt look very serious when she saw me not focusing at all and just talking to her while pressing the button away. In this picture i was really low and i took the shot like 2 seconds when i just moved in and out.


eye level


The one.

This picture is the only picture that i took taking more than 10 seconds. That is because i wanted the model to stand right there and snap, i took it.


real mccoy

Have you ever wondered how a person would actually looked like if she or he didn’t know a camera is pointed right at here. Now you see it.


Catch me if you can

By now, Miss Suet Li already know that i am shooting whenever i turn around even though i dont look at the viewfinder nor lcd (not that the leica me has an liveview). So yeah she wins this round. Got me surprised with this pose.


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