Panasonic FZ1000. 4K Portraiture samples from a “pro”


The FZ1000 is a crazy, crazy little piece of monster that i purchased while i was in Japan. The menu is fully Japanese and i had to use google translate to do simple things like formatting card and wifi connect. It has a SMALL 1″ sensor which produces nearly ZERO bokeh unless you stand very far away and uses the crazy long zoom for the object separation.

So why did i purchase this while i have amazing FF cameras. There are just two (2) reasons for my purchase.

1. Crazy versatile focal length 25-400

2. 4k Photo via 4K Video

Yeah, 4K PHOTO. What this means is that i can record VIDEO and extract a piece of image from it. This is somewhat a DREAM come true for any portrait photographers that wants to capture natural expression and of which the model, being a less than stellar Oscar actress looks posed rather than natural. With 4K Photo, U can record and select the most natural expression you can ever get.

In the samples below, the 1st photo is the usual “posed” photo. The rest are extracted from 4K photo mode and…unedited. You tell me. * thanks to Ramona my OLD friend hahaha for these series of shots.

This is a standard shot (not via 4k)

See how natural the 4k photos are! Her expressions are as real as it can get.

P1050530 P1050551 P1050554 P1050556 P1050557

your thoughts?

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