Backlight and random ramblings on models selection {casual shots}


A group of us were having lunch and chatting about work and whats not. Strangely today is the only day i did not bring my CCD nikon and the 58 lens, instead the Leica Xvario was chosen. Taking this shot i already expected that i will get very strong backlight and overexposed shots on anything except miss Anouschka’s face.


In Malaysia and i think almost all the countries in APAC, caucasian models as well as pan asian dominates the modelling and casting industry. There are few reasons for this.
1) Caucasian models are associated with developed countries and implies, grants any ads a “professional” feel to it.
2) Fashion labels are mostly associated with the western world, having a caucasian model adds a feel of class to it
3) Sharp features. Lets face it, asians doing plastic surgery often aim for double eye lids, sharp face, tall nose and beautiful mouth. Look at miss Anouschka here, her features already top the list without trying.

In the last 3-4 years, we do see that Chinese models are getting somewhere, this is largely due to the association of China as the emerging powerhouse of economy. Everyone wants to have a pie in China and hence your ads better show some local relation, hence the crazy amount of unnecessary cameo appearances in movies like Transformers.

your thoughts?

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