The festival of light {street photography]

murals in the heart of kuala lumpur
murals in the heart of kuala lumpur

Its deepavali in Malaysia. Apparently, for the first time, my invitation for a model shoot has no takers. Maybe my street photography is giving mix messages compared to my more popular outdoor model portraiture. So its street photography again :-). This mural must have been there all the time, but i have never noticed it. Amazing piece of work, it talks about the love for “kampung” which means “village” in Bahasa Malaysia.

LOKL cafe. A modern cafe in an old stretch of road.
LOKL cafe. A modern cafe in an old stretch of road.

Since its a public holiday, i can’t just go around shooting without bringing my family out for breakfast. So surprise surprise a new cafe for them to visit. Phoenix was surprised that i could locate a new cafe that she haven’t really heard off. While there are many new cafes booming up in KL, including one which i am personally investing in “myespresso”, there are just too many of them that lives on “hype” while the really good coffees and quality recipe are held by a few cafes.

Getting married in a cafe.
Getting married in a cafe?

Just next to LOKL cafe, i noticed they are decorating this long table and some love messages, i guess some folks wants to either propose or throw a small party related to wedding today. Its after all the festival of light (deepavali). In Malaysia, it doesn’t matter which race and culture is having the holiday..cause its a public holiday to all πŸ™‚


Just took the opportunity to take this photo given the beautiful mural behind. Phoenix wanted to go UK for a year, but her application for the university in UK requested for some transcripts that she could not find. I guess she will be sticking around in Malaysia for sometime hahaha.

All these photos are taken using just 1 lens, 58mm 1.4 AF-G on a Nikon CCD sensor camera, D3000. My policy is less gears and more photos. How did i managed to take these photos given the crop sensor (90mm!)? Give up your gears and stick with one cam+len and msg me πŸ™‚

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