6 thoughts on “Amanda Portraiture

  1. Hey! Great blog and great photographs, also quite intersting articles, wish it had more detailed info about gear and setting/ lights used.

    I just noticed somewhere in your blog you said that you just sold your sony A7r…well…i just did the same. Altough i still have some old school glass left mostly Konicas, FD’s and Minoltas (some are quite rare and expensive like Hexanon 57 f1.2, Hexanon 35 f2, Hexanon UC 15 f2.8 etc) which i am not sure should imsell it or just keep.

    Currently i am getting rid of my Canon gear as it is became too bulky and i didnt really used it for so long, it just collecting dust for many months now.
    I really want a small camera with few fast primes which i colud take with me everywhere, for traveling, portraits, basically formeverything,which wouldnt attract much attention.
    Hwever i really enjoy manual focusing with my Zeiss(especially with my Apo Sonnar 135 f2 ZF) lenses using OVF in full manual mode, it gives me that film camera feeling about controlling everything which i love very much.
    So cureently i have no body left, i am thinking about selling all my canon stuff and keep just one lens Apo Sonnar 135 and maybe buying a Nikon body just for manual focus purpose pleasure, and maybe the new Nikon 20 1.8 for architecture and other wide angle stuff. But thats another bulkyn ugly dslr which imthink will just collect dust most of the time.
    As i didnt really liked A7 series (not a big fan of efv) and ergonomics were pretty bad, there is not much choice given for me.
    I was looking at a relatively small Olympus system, i like new silver OMD1 with their tiny silver prime lens design, i like its weather sealing, also everyone is saying that autofocus is great altought imam not a big fan of AF( might be a DSLR syndrome, as it were hit and miss on my Rebels and 5D’s).


    1. Ivan,
      The 4/3rd are fantastic systems but very expensive if u love shallow dof and bokeh. IMHO from the way u describe ur thoughts u might end up back in square one, accumulating gears.
      A very good cam is just not going to be pocketable, the nearest gear to such spec is the Ricoh gr.
      Right now I m running d3000 which I got for usd 200. I splurged on one very good lens and sticking to it no matter what . With those beautiful vintage lens u accumulated, u can always mount on Nikon or any mirroress. Keep them.
      If u want to stick to one and Ovf , get an entry level Dslr , they are small n battery life is great and light .


  2. Thank you very much for your kind help Marcus!
    Well i ended up purchasing Sony A7s 😀
    I really enjoy low light photography, hate using all kind of flashes, much prefer available light…
    I hate the idea of Oly double crop thing, because my beautiful Konica fisheye will become 30mm! And other lenses will became mess too.
    Hope 12mp will be enought for my needs, i almost never crop my images.
    Sorry for my English!


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