Traders of Pudu

Pudu DSC_0029

Pudu is an old market that is unique to Malaysians. Its one of those rare “pasar” or morning market where you have you can find both different races of Malay and Chinese taking up large section of the pasar without squabbles. How is that so? Because the Malay are mostly muslims and its hard for them to be in the same market where there are “non halal” or where pork meat are being on sale. Nevertheless, Pudu pasar have been running peacefully this way for many years, a testimonial to the unity of the people in Malaysia.

Double blow
Double blow

You can find all kinds of food being sold here, poultries, beef, pork being sold in various preparation and flavour, mostly raw though. There are also strange meats like, frog meat that are popular among the chinese for their porridge setups. These are not ordinary frogs only a specific species.

frog meat anyone?
frog meat anyone?

During my walk here i noticed that most of the clients are those in the range of 45++ and there are a lot of foreigners being hired to run stalls here, burmese, vietnamese and even thais.

local owners might be seen with their pretty vietnamese wives.
local owners might be seen with their pretty vietnamese wives.

Its a very busy street, packed like sardine and your nostrils are bombarded with assortments of perfumes ;-).
Sometimes you have to just make way for the human traffic that is flowing there and certain paths even have motorcycles barging in.

After i left that place, it got me thinking about the future of such business models. I rarely see any milleniums or Y-Generation there, this means in the near future, the upcoming generation would have no idea how to buy stuffs from these markets. Enjoy the rest of the photos i took today.



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