Grains and Portraiture

a pinch of grain to simulate film
a pinch of grain to simulate film

Recently i am totally in love with CCD sensor results. I guess i had it coming after using film for a while.
Digging out an old camera with CCD and using it with the amazing nikon 58 1.4g lens produces results that are simply heart warming.

Why the 58 1.4g? If you enjoy shooting against backlight and where you want those modern and subtle beautiful bokeh, its pretty hard to find anything better than this. In the days when Nikon still produces CCD sensor cameras like D50,D80,D200,D3000, such lens does not exist yet, but nothing stops you from buying one of these gem, at a very low price and pairing it with the latest lens.

At this point of writing, i have sold off my A7R, Sigma SD15 and kept my 35mm film camera in the box. I guess CCD gives me the results that is between film and CMOS digital and that is just lovely.

cooler temperature and grain
cooler temperature and grain

your thoughts?

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