Bicycles, Pretties and Vintage Cameras

Fujifilm Superia 200, 1/500s f2 Kodak RetinaII (type 011)
Fujifilm Superia 200, 1/500 f2 Kodak RetinaII

Using the old kodak camera, i noticed most of my photos are over cropped at the bottom, this is one example of accommodation that you need to get used and mentally fix it during composition.
Its bound to happen, putting bicycles and babes together given that society nowadays are more health conscious and going green than ever. I went to this event to show support for a fellow model friend and brought along just One (1) fujifilm superia 200.

Fujifilm Superia 200, 1/500s f2 Kodak RetinaII (type 011)

Focusing a moving object is not easy at all, but fun and a great way to master the rangefinders. Due to the limitation of the shutter speed on this vintage camera, the maximum i had is 1/500 on the iso 200 film (ouch). I was kinda surprised that film held so well in overexposure.

I must admit, shooting film slows down “tremendously” my style and speed. If the Leica folks thinks that using an digital M slows down the process and is a good thing, they should seriously consider film, probably comes out from 100 session with some cash savings than splurging on the digital bodies.

I currently have in my possession the Mamiya 645E Rapid camera. If that sounds like greek to you, its just a Medium Format camera for film. Digital MF costs around USD 10k for the cheapest one in town (Pentax 645z), film ones cost you a fraction of that. In my first two(2) attempt to use it however, i kinda screw up the roll. I am quite baffled by the following facts that i encountered while using it :
1. Tons of videos on how to “load”, but nearly zero on how to “unload” film from it.
2. Almost none mentioned that you need to crank up the film until “1” after loading the 120 film (120 film is the format for Medium Format 645)
3. The saying that “you will always screw up the first roll” is true.
4. Mr.Khoon of Bang Bang Geng in Publika is actually quite a nice and helpful person. This shop btw is where is sent my negatives for processing in KL,Malaysia.


There it goes, my first roll of film on an event. As i wrap up this post, my thoughts goes to Lee Lit Min’s parents and family, he is my best friend during my early days of school in both primary and secondary in St.John, an avid Nikon photographer and true genius. I will always remember u, dear friend.

your thoughts?

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