Vanessa, Post Era (Portraiture)

Vanessa will be leaving Malaysia soon. This is her album, portraiture using my emoref (emotional reflective) style.



This was taken using Minolta Rokkor 55mm 1.7. Manual focusing oh yeah!

The minolta lens continues to surprise me. There are many of these lens lying around in japan and ebay, get yours while you can. I am not selling mine on ebay, but my advice would be, you usually gets what you pay for, look properly at the lens images and description before bidding. Some of the images in this series completely astound me when the “flare” hits the Rokkor at 1.7, more on this later.







Images taken in this post is taken using Zeiss 18mm F4 and Minolta Rokkor 1.7.
Zeiss 18mm M mount at Bhphoto

7 thoughts on “Vanessa, Post Era (Portraiture)

      1. Oh its that lens! I forgot I had one. It didnt adapt well, but from I could see free-lensing it. I was a good lens. I need to find a manual camera body for it. Would you know what would complement a nikon FM?


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