An Iranian portrait

Minolta Rokkor 58 f2.0

Ali works for a company that i know of. Like many other Iranians in residing in my country, they just love Malaysia.
The company managed to get Ali a working visa and a contractual job. Although i would reckon that the pay here is not as one would get in the USA or Australia, the lifestyle here is pretty accommodating for Iranians.

For the local companies here that offers I.T services and development, often these Iranians are like a gem of a finding. They are hardworking, speaks english well and talented towards technical stuffs. Compared to the locals here which are facing more and more financial uncertainty due to ever rising of housing cost and fuel subsidies removal, its often futile to get a local staff for I.T that would stay with the company even for 2 years.

I saw Ali asking one of his friend to take a portrait for him and since i have my A7r with the 58 rokkor, i offered to take a shot for him. So we just moved to a corner and i uploaded this for him.

This image is straight from camera to ipad and just a tweak in Snapseed before uploading. I can’t wait to get all my 6 Minolta lens, clean them up and do some sharing sessions with some friends.

your thoughts?

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