What happens when a super wide is used by a portraitist?

I now have the 18mm Zeiss f4 and the 15mm Voigthlander f4.
Personally i am leaning towards the 15 because i find its really the widest i could accept before things gets distorted like fisheye lens.


The CV 15mm have a minimum close up of 0.5m. This is actually a good distance because near objects tends to distorts more esp at the corner.
I love using wide angle for portraits because it covers not just the subject but substantial context is available in the frame.


The distance makes this Lens a wonder for selfie images. Wide stretches the subject, so you get the effect of a much slimmer and taller person. This should go well with models. Now if you are not in Asia, recently there have been a spike of Casio cameras sales. Casio Exilim and Tryx are a favourite among freelancers and models here. Guess how much they are selling over here….its around USD 800. You know that is a way overprice sum for a 1/2.33 small sensor camera, which in all other manufacturer’s inventory are marked as obsolete. The reason its selling is here well is because the marketing genius in Casio have decided to focus the sales here using models and market it to the ladies here a camera that slims your down and beautify your skin…without the need to edit or photoshop!
Tryx is removed from the USA market as far as i know and last checked with BHphoto.


This is a view of the top floor in Pavillion shopping mall in Malaysia. Its a premium mall and offers a “tokyo street” theme at the top floor.


Shot at low light indoor. This is something which the A7R is very good at. Even though its pretty noisy at 100% view, but just scaling it down to 50% gives you around 16mp of clean files. Leica users should consider this camera as a backup or even replacement. Peak focusing and gazillion of other lens mount support opens up a huge avenue of possibilities.

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your thoughts?

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