Black & White, coffee with Taylor

Taylor first wrote to me a year ago, asking me to help her do an outdoor shoot. She was new to modeling for photo shoot and was cautious as who to approached. The freelancer community is rife with stories of guys taking advantages of new comers in the name of photography so understandably she contacted me after checking thru my facebook and photos.

I recalled doing 2-3 albums for her and after that she just became popular on her own. Photos spread viral and other photographers likes her outlook and paid for her shoot.

She is no longer doing freelancing now as she approaches graduation in accounting and looking towards a full time career. Like many other freelancers, she took up modeling just to earn pocket money for her studies.

A few weeks ago, we had coffee and just catch up on times. I had the Xvario with me back then so i took these pictures using the B&W high contrast. These images are not edited and i must say, despite my lack of interest for B&W, Leica jpeg engine for this filter does have some hard to mimic tones.






your thoughts?

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