Back to the land of bokeh

Yesterday a friend who is a full time photographer, mr.kitt wanted me to help find a model for a night shoot in cafe.

What turns out to be pretty obvious though was his intention to test a combo and he wanted me to witness it.

Now I brought along my Olympus and a portrait lens 45 1.8 and was expecting to show him a thing or two too on m43 system .

However what he took out while shooting the model was not his Leica ME…. But a rather queer combo, the sony A7R with Leica summilux 35 1.4.

After seeing a few shot from this Combo it became apparent to all of us there that it’s an amazing combination . Basically it did what leica M nor ME would find hard to match with, very high resolution of sharp images.

The pop is totally awesome and reminded me and struck me as the reason why sigma cameras used to produce to first time viewers. Total sharpness at 1.4 .

I reluctantly had to put my gears into the bag and played with the combo for the duration.

As we parted, he took back the leica 35 summilux and slapped on the Zeiss 55 1.8 and made me an offer. Trade in some unused Nikon lens in my collection for this gear and he will top up cash for me . (The summilux is already booked by a client and I could not justify buying one)

The unit was particularly new and the Zeiss had some kind of bokeh that I like and missed lately due to the lack if shallow dof in xvario and unavailability of wider lens with shallow dof in my EP5.

I was pleasantly surprised that the evf is equal or even better than the evf in the Olympus that I loved. Seems like mirrorless is the future as far as I am concerned.

M43 size is still preferred but for those longing for very shallow dof, using legacy M lens with the A7/A7r could be a release.

Some shots done today at the train station. Last two photo is from yesterday’s summilux with A7R







your thoughts?

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