Don’t suicide, ๊ทธ์˜ ์ž์‚ด


I know its hard out there. This article is specially for those who are thinking of doing so. This goes to those celebrity koreans as well.
The cat, has no significance to the message here. Perhaps to attest to the fact that they are beautiful creatures and survivors.
There is no animal in this kingdom that will take its own life, or suicide knowingly, this is because, life is just beautiful with or without material wealth.
There will always be food and dignity for those who are willing to work hard. People always forget given enough time, so the past should never be a reason to
ends one’s life.

So hold on there. If you don’t like your lifestyle, or that you keep losing yourself each and everyday, its never too late to change.

Nature reserves a path for you


Sometimes if you look carefully enough, you see strange paths reserved by nature. These paths are so natural, it makes me wonder if it was purposely designed so that some creatures, mythical or not, would use it. i took the photo above while walking behind the tourist’s path of Westin Chosun hotel.

There is always a way in life. God in His wonderful mercy have given us many many ways to escape whatever mistakes we have made and into a new life.

When i read the Old Testament on Moses and the Israelites, i used to wonder why it took them 40 years before they even realized that God is there all the time for them to just cross over.

Well…i am 40 now. I realized there are many things in life that i have not mastered at all. This tends to be a humbling thought to realize that time and age does absolutely nothing to experience if one does not pursue it and do some self reflection.

Natural lighting, they are not the same

At 10 am, the light is already too harsh, model had to be hidden and images converted to B&W

Lighting in korea, busan in around 9-10 am.

Here is a known fact in Malaysia, Thailand and other countries that resides in equatorial lines but perhaps not so obvious elsewhere.
“The natural light” in equatorial countries are relatively inferior to those in non equatorial.

The reason is because the sun tends to reach the overhead position much quicker and direct resulting in harsh and unforgiving photos. This affects a hosts of things, one of which is the skin tones.

Therefore if you lust after the kind of harsh looks of portraits found in Malaysia and related countries, you be hard pressed to be able to reproduce it in your country. But frankly, i envy you folks that is non-equatorial, you enjoy beautiful side lighting for many more hours on a daily basis and gets beautiful skin tones.

Be kind



Frankly i just can’t take it when i see some people trying to make a living in the streets and have no customers. The purpose of writing this is just to share my thoughts on this and not as a boastful post or self righteous pump.
For some, earning is not that hard, decent jobs, a shelter to live in, a car or motorcycle and we could afford to splash once a while on gadgets. When walking on the streets, i often see some folks struggling to make a living, selling cakes, noodles, desaturated belts and other items.
These people need to eat too, have a family or kids to take care of and maybe due to lack of education or certs, unable to secure a moderate income.

I personally can’t take it, not because i am trying to sound like a pompous “holier than thou” asshole, but i believe its because i tried hard not to ignore or close my eyes. I believe everyone would feel the same. On the other hand realistically i can’t keep pretending i am actually helping when i know the truth is there is just not enuf $$$ to go giving around.
While i have not much sympathy for people who just beg for money or food being fully limbed and too lazy to work, i am totally defenseless for those who does work or tried to, but hard.

In the pictures above, i been observing the nice cafe that sells tea “jeju tea” instead of coffee but then i saw this aunty selling snacks and ramen outside. After 30 minutes while my wife still scours the cosmetic shops nearby, i noticed nobody really buy from this aunty.
I told my kid, do u want to eat ramen? actually we just had dinner like 30 minutes ago, but knowing that my kid loves ramen, its a way for me to help that aunty without being too obvious.

While she was cooking, wife joined in with the kid for the meal.
I took one of the skewered snacks that was boiling there and tried it too.

Ramen cost 3000 won, the skewer 700 won. U know how much was a cup of the jeju tea? 6000 won.

I wish there is a better world for everyone.

Portraits should never be boring

The one thing i find consistently present in wedding photography is “boringness”. While the occasion itself is of tremendous importance and significance to the couples, the shots are the same.

We have the same white gown, some exotic background the the guy trying hard to smile and pose. We have them looking at each other and doing exactly the same pose repeated over 100 years ago.

And guess what, photographs are actually one of the single most important artifact that could enact a wedding’s memories and resurrect that love that couples had in that occasion…..but alas…the photos are totally posed, unrealistic and often promotes nothing except conformity.

I would feel, that the most important part of wedding photography should be about “fun” . That is, the process and theme should be so fun, the couples would embed those feelings into the pictures that are taken even if the images are totally out of this world, for e.g a Star Trek theme or Saving private ryan or even “dong fong bu bai”!.

So when they looked back at those pictures, the fun and happiness of that process will instantly pops up. Now, that is priceless.

Here is a totally dumb pose photo i took in korea of Phoenix (wife) but it was such fun taking it, we laugh when we looked at it, despite it saying nothing much.