Amazing combo, I am stunned

I was just playing with the idea of using a Leica M to m43 on my EP5. The xvario have been doing lots of shooting lately and I decided to awaken the lonely EP5 with a surprise and give the xvario a break.

I got myself a shogun L/M to m43 and I slap on it the 35 mm Zeiss f2.0 that I kept in the dry box .

I was surprised at how easy it was to focus using the vf4 and the micro contrast totally blew me off .

Watch this blog as I use this new setup on my next project


2 thoughts on “Amazing combo, I am stunned

  1. Zeiss lenses are brilliant. Dare I say almost as good (sometimes better) than their Leica counterparts. I use them on my M240 and find the contrast and colours, right out of the camera, to be very good. Look forward to following the results of this setup.


    1. Now imagine this …Olympus 5 axis stability on the manual lens . When I open both eyes on the 35 mm Cz in the m43 I was pleasantly surprised to see it kinda like a match view


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