Shooting natural sure beats the heck out of pose

There are 2 cameras that i really like. One is the Sigma SD15 and the Xvario.
The SD15 is now back in my hands and i guess i just have to accept that sigma’s autofocus wont be as accurate as nikon and some misfocusing is inevitable.

But man…u gotta love those 4.7mp coming out from the APSC, the sharpness is amazing and editing is a breeze, i shudder to think of those using over 30mps cameras.

Now cameras aside, i been wanting to do an album with just natural shots and minimum posing. What do i mean? Frankly, i find posed shots are just as fake as it gets and natural shot of a person, is just so priceless. So i met this young lady, whom volunteer to do the modeling and during the shoot, i just try to get her to laugh as much as possible….and snap.

You can’t fake a real smile, and that is what i want a picture to hold.










your thoughts?

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