Nature reserves a path for you


Sometimes if you look carefully enough, you see strange paths reserved by nature. These paths are so natural, it makes me wonder if it was purposely designed so that some creatures, mythical or not, would use it. i took the photo above while walking behind the tourist’s path of Westin Chosun hotel.

There is always a way in life. God in His wonderful mercy have given us many many ways to escape whatever mistakes we have made and into a new life.

When i read the Old Testament on Moses and the Israelites, i used to wonder why it took them 40 years before they even realized that God is there all the time for them to just cross over.

Well…i am 40 now. I realized there are many things in life that i have not mastered at all. This tends to be a humbling thought to realize that time and age does absolutely nothing to experience if one does not pursue it and do some self reflection.

your thoughts?

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