Natural lighting, they are not the same

At 10 am, the light is already too harsh, model had to be hidden and images converted to B&W

Lighting in korea, busan in around 9-10 am.

Here is a known fact in Malaysia, Thailand and other countries that resides in equatorial lines but perhaps not so obvious elsewhere.
“The natural light” in equatorial countries are relatively inferior to those in non equatorial.

The reason is because the sun tends to reach the overhead position much quicker and direct resulting in harsh and unforgiving photos. This affects a hosts of things, one of which is the skin tones.

Therefore if you lust after the kind of harsh looks of portraits found in Malaysia and related countries, you be hard pressed to be able to reproduce it in your country. But frankly, i envy you folks that is non-equatorial, you enjoy beautiful side lighting for many more hours on a daily basis and gets beautiful skin tones.

4 thoughts on “Natural lighting, they are not the same

  1. Shooting in harsh sunlight is very difficult and knowing how to get around that problem can be a huge benefit. Some shade behind buildings, trees, etc. and positioning the subject so the light is casting on them favorably. Nice portraits! Busan, I love that city 🙂


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