Be kind



Frankly i just can’t take it when i see some people trying to make a living in the streets and have no customers. The purpose of writing this is just to share my thoughts on this and not as a boastful post or self righteous pump.
For some, earning is not that hard, decent jobs, a shelter to live in, a car or motorcycle and we could afford to splash once a while on gadgets. When walking on the streets, i often see some folks struggling to make a living, selling cakes, noodles, desaturated belts and other items.
These people need to eat too, have a family or kids to take care of and maybe due to lack of education or certs, unable to secure a moderate income.

I personally can’t take it, not because i am trying to sound like a pompous “holier than thou” asshole, but i believe its because i tried hard not to ignore or close my eyes. I believe everyone would feel the same. On the other hand realistically i can’t keep pretending i am actually helping when i know the truth is there is just not enuf $$$ to go giving around.
While i have not much sympathy for people who just beg for money or food being fully limbed and too lazy to work, i am totally defenseless for those who does work or tried to, but hard.

In the pictures above, i been observing the nice cafe that sells tea “jeju tea” instead of coffee but then i saw this aunty selling snacks and ramen outside. After 30 minutes while my wife still scours the cosmetic shops nearby, i noticed nobody really buy from this aunty.
I told my kid, do u want to eat ramen? actually we just had dinner like 30 minutes ago, but knowing that my kid loves ramen, its a way for me to help that aunty without being too obvious.

While she was cooking, wife joined in with the kid for the meal.
I took one of the skewered snacks that was boiling there and tried it too.

Ramen cost 3000 won, the skewer 700 won. U know how much was a cup of the jeju tea? 6000 won.

I wish there is a better world for everyone.

your thoughts?

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