Part II : Busan & the traveling photographer

I just want to share further images from my trip to Busan previously, particularly images that i feel are worth sharing. i am not a big fan of B&W, given that some of the images are taken in very boring lighting, converting it to B&W serves to brings out the subject as a matter of salvaging it.

L1032641 L1032709 L1032711 L1032729

Koreans are people who loves privacy. See, all covered 😉L1032735

Cats are generally having a great life in Busan, i have not come across any that looks too shabby. This particular guy is suntanning while people just walked past by.
L1032741 L1032776 i just love this image. A modern, korea girl with an almost k-pop feel to it. There is a reason why she is walking this way, the wind is very chilling.L1033232 L1033241 L1033257 L1033260 L1033266 L1033289 L1033325 L1033339


Death cometh! Well it looks scary with guys carrying all kinds of weapons, including one that looks like a scythe. They are actually workers that just worked on some forest nearby in Taejongdae.

This image of a young pretty lady was taken, 0.5 meter in front of me as she sat and chat with her friend. Mirrorless cameras with quiet shutters such as XVario allows such photos to be taken really discreetly. I had to pay attention to the wind and light falling on her hair and took around 8 shots, 2 are usable.L1033388

The observatory in Taejongdae has this iconic design. L1033397This cliff are open to all tourists regardless of age. Mind you, there are no protection set at those cliffs once your at the main site. Its free fall all the way down.


your thoughts?

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