Singapore, models, friends and candids



Just a week after i wrote about being an anti-black and white photography guy, i noticed my mind comes under constant probing by myself. “what if i was wrong, what if B&W truly is the best way to show forth the soul of people?” .

“Nah! nothing beats the beauty of colors, with the exception of high key shooting. ” retorted my other self, in justification of what i wrote. Thus, when i was in Singapore last week, i realized that i begin to see things differently, i no longer have the excuses of shooting stuffs thats gonna need B&W to salvage it or make it look more “moody” since i have some chinese-face to defend (hahaha).

Anyway here are some photos i took in Singapore, enjoy.

L1031902-Edit L1032040-Edit-Edit L1032173-Edit-Edit L1032028-Edit-Edit L1032181-Edit-2 L1031909-Edit-Edit L1031934-Edit L1031954 L1031963-Edit

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