Part II : Busan & the traveling photographer

I just want to share further images from my trip to Busan previously, particularly images that i feel are worth sharing. i am not a big fan of B&W, given that some of the images are taken in very boring lighting, converting it to B&W serves to brings out the subject as a matter of salvaging it.

L1032641 L1032709 L1032711 L1032729

Koreans are people who loves privacy. See, all covered 😉L1032735

Cats are generally having a great life in Busan, i have not come across any that looks too shabby. This particular guy is suntanning while people just walked past by.
L1032741 L1032776 i just love this image. A modern, korea girl with an almost k-pop feel to it. There is a reason why she is walking this way, the wind is very chilling.L1033232 L1033241 L1033257 L1033260 L1033266 L1033289 L1033325 L1033339


Death cometh! Well it looks scary with guys carrying all kinds of weapons, including one that looks like a scythe. They are actually workers that just worked on some forest nearby in Taejongdae.

This image of a young pretty lady was taken, 0.5 meter in front of me as she sat and chat with her friend. Mirrorless cameras with quiet shutters such as XVario allows such photos to be taken really discreetly. I had to pay attention to the wind and light falling on her hair and took around 8 shots, 2 are usable.L1033388

The observatory in Taejongdae has this iconic design. L1033397This cliff are open to all tourists regardless of age. Mind you, there are no protection set at those cliffs once your at the main site. Its free fall all the way down.


Busan & the traveling photographer

Sometimes when viewing photos of tours uploaded by good folks, i often feel disappointed that given such a beautiful location, the photos are taken in a bad way.

Three of the most common mistakes are :
1. There is a beautiful scene and the person, subject instead occupies the middle of the screen, effectively blocking the whole scene.
2. Putting the subject in front of a scene and back focused on the scene, creating an awkward blurry photo of the subject
3. Photos that are just repeatedly the same taken by everyone else.

Since photos are memories preserved for sharing and viewing, perhaps its best when traveling couples or friends hire a photographer to go with them instead, photographing the whole journey. This can be done without even posing.

Anyway i am in Busan as we speaks, i am still surprised that i am not able to find any models in Busan via modelmayhem for collaboration nor do i know the language here enuf to go around. But the good news is that i am with family, so some reluctant voluntary modeling by wife and kids are required wuahhahaha.

I don’t have my editing machine here, so these photos are as it is, jpeg out of camera, at most some quick tweaks via iphoto in ipad.

Arriving at busan, waiting at the bus stop just outside the airport. Bus no.1 will take us to Westin Chosun, a fantastic hotel.

Outside the hotel i saw some children walking towards a nearby park, the park is so near to the hotel and is good for 20 minutes of walk surrounded by green shrubs and breezy air.

Now did i mentioned breezy? I kinda like this kind of image,

One of the decoration inside the hotel that caught my attention.




Now Rodrigue of Xvario have been talking about “Cinematic” feel that the camera often produce. I am not sure i understand but i do feel some of the images here produces the “cinematic” feel that i like.



This is mr.Jang, is the name right ??, he is a senior citizen providing voluntary services of explaining to visitors at Beomeosa temple. It’s free, he is doing this just to burn time. Pls say hi to him if you visit this place.

A perculiar looking korean aunty in red clothing. Taken inside the subway, the Xvario is quite a stealthy tool.




A visit to the Cat cafe is a pleasing experience. The cats here are huge and docile.



This is just right outside the hotel. The light is pretty bad actually, bordering on flat and cloudy.

I notice a lot of elderly people walks around Westin Chosun hotel, this old lady saw my kid and wanted to talk to her just asking about where she is from and generally i feel that she is lonely. I offered to take a photo of her with my kid and she quickly agree. After we walked away i notice she left that place also, i do feel a bit sad for her and wonder if this is how she spend her morning walks, while her children are probably in Seoul.

You won’t miss this mermaid by the sea, its just a brief walk from the hotel.

I am not exactly a fan of shopping malls so there i didn’t take any, will be sharing more photos and maybe edit some for a more powerful feel later today.


Singapore, models, friends and candids



Just a week after i wrote about being an anti-black and white photography guy, i noticed my mind comes under constant probing by myself. “what if i was wrong, what if B&W truly is the best way to show forth the soul of people?” .

“Nah! nothing beats the beauty of colors, with the exception of high key shooting. ” retorted my other self, in justification of what i wrote. Thus, when i was in Singapore last week, i realized that i begin to see things differently, i no longer have the excuses of shooting stuffs thats gonna need B&W to salvage it or make it look more “moody” since i have some chinese-face to defend (hahaha).

Anyway here are some photos i took in Singapore, enjoy.

L1031902-Edit L1032040-Edit-Edit L1032173-Edit-Edit L1032028-Edit-Edit L1032181-Edit-2 L1031909-Edit-Edit L1031934-Edit L1031954 L1031963-Edit

Natural portraits

Sometimes, natural portraits without much make-up are unavoidable. This is because the subject could be young and does not possess sufficient make-up skills and if the make-up artist is not available.

I must say, i am kinda liking the Xvario for portraits despite not having the shallow dof. Using PS i could creatively apply blurring at certain areas. The model in this photo shoot is Elyn, its her first shoot and i am quite happy with the results. L1031197 L1031108-Edit L1031132-Edit-Edit L1031153-Edit-Edit L1031167-Edit-2 L1031208-Edit-Edit L1031246-Edit L1031250-Edit L1031255-Edit L1031297-Edit-Edit-Edit L1031317-Edit-Edit-Edit