Street photography : Ipoh

I visited Ipoh for a day yesterday, took the opportunity to use the Xvario for street shoots.

Ipoh is a beautiful city located in Perak, Malaysia. Urban legend has it that its a place where most of Malaysia’s beautiful ladies comes from, quoting various examples, eg Michelle Yeoh, Malaysia’s first bond girl.

The food in Ipoh is plentiful and comes in all kind of creative forms. What i mean by this is that the local in Ipoh tends to be very entrepreneurship when it comes to food.

Enjoy my set of street photography.

L1030898-EditL1030660 L1030664 L1030666-Edit L1030668 L1030673 L1030687 L1030693 L1030695 L1030696 L1030697 L1030717-Edit L1030806-Edit-Edit-Edit L1030827 L1030835 L1030843

your thoughts?

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