Street photography with Zoom

When i do street photography a year back, i was a strong advocate of shooting from the hip. I trained myself with the leica M9, 5 meter and zap. Nowadays there are crazy super street cameras such as the Ricoh GR that could do very discreet SP from 2 meter onwards using the same technique.

Well the thing is, in malaysia, its no longer a safe place to just walk around. So most photographers relocated themselves to either shoot in the malls or near big malls or some festive events such as Thaipusam. Its a sad situation really.

Seriously shooting in malls is kinda strange for street photography. But what is even stranger is shooting street photography with zoom lens. Ever since owning the 75 mm 1.8 on the Olympus Ep5, i am often amazed by the quality of this lens and coupled that with the image stability provided by the EP5, shooting bokehlicious photos and strong focus on subjects is a breeze.

My sigma sd15 camera and the 18-35 ART lens is now on route to Japan for fine tuning. Yeah despite tuning it myself using Allen screws and such, i find that i have not much confident that i am just missing a tweak or two.

So today i took the EP5 with the 75 mm and did the Mall’s Street photography. I know rite? Go ahead let the flame begins. But i do love the images taken. These are all edited using just IPad with no special apps.

A new snack in town, looks like curled Aunty Anne pretzels.

A couple enjoying BR. With the Zoom that was easily done across the other side.

A beautiful westerner at the mall, framing this was a split second decision.

Love this setup.

Just a casual pose near the Japanese section.

your thoughts?

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