60 mm 2.8 for superb portraiture

Well, now that dpreview published a test on 58 1.4 of the new nikon lens, may i bring your attention to a lens that is also “specialty” in some ways and with character.

This was shot at 2.8 with 2 flash setup SB900 and SB910. Model is Miss Kim Goh, a top 10 finalist for Miss Universe Malaysia 2013. The commercial texts are just for illustration.


Comparison : 75 mm 1.8 Olympus vs 85 mm 1.4 Sigma on Nikon D4

My nikon D4 was hospitalized at one point in time and i had a friend coming down from Kampar (Perak, Malaysia). Basically its going to be a night shoot and without the D4 my only other

feasible option is to use the Olympus Pen Ep5. (I did get the camera back in time and you can check out the album here : http://marcuslowphotos.com/2013/12/27/elaine-crimson-jewel/)

The problem with the Olympus EP5 is that its a 4/3 and the lack of shallow depth of field and low light usability might be too far off my nikon D4. So i ordered the 75 mm 1.8 Olympus and tried it on a friend who

is keen to try night photography too.

The Olympus have one advantage that might even out the results, it has the amazing 5 axis stability, that combine with the 75 mm 1.8 might just pull off a decent result.

First the previous albums done, using D4 and the 85 mm 1.4 Sigma wide open.


Here is how the 85 mm 1.4 on D4 looks like :

DSC_9981-Edit DSC_9985-Edit



Now this is how the 75 mm 1.8 on EP5 performed, handheld :



Although i had to stand way back (75 mm on 35 mm format = 150 mm! ) , but the light gathering of the lens at 1.8 + stability did give me enough light to workout the image that i wanted.

The 4/3 continues to amaze me and if Olympus could churn out something like 24 mm 1.4 on 35 mm equivalent XD, i guess i would probably use it instead of the 24 mm 1.4 nikon 😉